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General Medicine

Dr. Toyne has been in community practice for 13 years.  This has taught her how important relationships are to the health of your practice and she works hard to preserve the faith your clients have in you.  She aims to be consistent with your clinic's protocols to provide as seamless of an experience as possible to your clients. 


Surgical Services

Dr. Toyne is comfortable with the most common soft tissue surgeries.  Spays, neuters, mass removals, cystotomies, splenectomies, anal sacculectomies, enucleations, nictitans replacements, basic entropion correction, and nares and palate alterations (laser required) are in her surgical repertoire.  She also has experience in laparoscopic procedures including spays, gastropexies, cryptorchid neuters, and liver biopsies. 


She can perform many emergency procedures as well including GDV surgery, gastrotomy, enterotomy and intestinal resection and anastamosis, pyometra surgery, and caesarian section with spay.

Orthopedic surgeries besides amputations are not offered.  Dr. Toyne is a competent and deliberate surgeon, not a speedy surgeon.

Emergency Services

Dr. Toyne received additional training in emergency medicine in an internship in 2010-2011.  She worked solo days and nights at a busy, multi-location hospital in Tucson, AZ.

Additionally, many critical patients were presented during the course of her general practice career.  During her GP days, she still cared for patients with critical conditions such as status epilepticus, abdominal hemorrhage, GDV, toxins, DKA, and arrest.  While many of these were triaged and referred, clinic remoteness or clients' refusal of referral dictated that some were treated in-house.  Dr. Toyne can apply skills gained in her previous experiences but is eager to learn new skills when she gets the privilege of working with seasoned ER pros.


Fairy Vetmother

Do you find that you and your associates are working through lunch and staying late no matter how diligently you work throughout the day?  It's not you!  As schedules fill up in clinics across the country, veterinarians are finding that the small tasks that they used to take care of during their empty appointments slots aren't getting done until 7 pm now.  Allow Dr. Toyne to handle all these small tasks for you so you can get home before you're burned out!  

Let her complete your callbacks, field questions from the staff regarding client calls, see the walk-in patients, intercept the calls from owners checking on their pets, review and complete refill requests and any of the other dozens of duties you have every day that keep you from giving your undivided attention to the patient in front of you.

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